Canterbury Socialist Society Sunday Morning Reading Group

Canterbury Socialist Society Sunday Morning Reading Group

As an addition to the Canterbury Socialist Society programming for 2019 we will be hosting a monthly reading group on the last Sunday of every month. This will entail closer reading and discussion of specific texts, with a focus on building a solid foundation of knowledge. As such many of the readings will be fairly introductory with a focus on introducing the critique of political economy on the one hand, and the notion of revolutionary strategy & the socialist programme on the other.

We have determined to host these events at the Avon Loop Community Cottage, 28 Hurley Street, from 11am-12noon. This means we now have a regular recurring event that is both in a non-commercial environment, as well as an alcohol-free one.

All are welcome to attend. Attendees are encouraged to read the texts beforehand in order to aid focused and interesting discussions.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

The first 1/3rd of 2019 will run as follows:

January 27th: Wage Labour and Capital (Marx)

February 24th: Value, Price, and Profit (Marx)

March 31st: The Civil War in France (Marx)

April 28th: Critique of the Gotha Programme (Marx)

N.B: The banner photo for this event is of Chetham’s Library in Manchester where Marx and Engels spent a good deal of time reading and writing.


Starts On

February 24, 2019 - 11:00 am

Ends On

12:00 pm

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Marx, reading group


Avon Loop Community Cottage

28 Hurley Street
New Zealand