A Movement Divided: British Socialism Before & During WW1

A Movement Divided: British Socialism Before & During WW1

“War is the mass murder of workers. When workers refuse to obey the calls of their governments, there will be no more war”
-Keir Hardie
“I would close every recruiting station, disband the Army, and disarm the Air Force. I would abolish the whole dreadful equipment of war, and say to the world; ‘Do your worst!'”
-George Lansbury
The First World War, and the nationalist fervor it evoked from those of all classes, threw the socialist movement of the time into disarray. Parties aligned to the second socialist international betrayed their anti-militarist principles, and small factions broke away.
Before 1914, the major European socialist parties tended to be staunchly anti-war. In this public lecture Martin Crick (author of The History of the Social Democratic Federation, 1994) will examine the different elements and groupings of British socialism in the period before and during the First World War, and reflect on what it can teach us today.
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September 9, 2020 - 7:30 pm

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10:30 pm

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