CSS Guest Lecture: Left Out? Speaking Tour – Christchurch

CSS Guest Lecture: Left Out? Speaking Tour – Christchurch

The Canterbury Socialist Society is excited to welcome a guest lecture from Tyler (The Ice Bloc) for our June Event:
“The Ice Bloc (also known offline as Tyler) is on tour!

After a few months off to rest a weary brain, I’ll be snaking down the country for four talks on the research for my master’s thesis Left Out? The Extra-Parliamentary Left in Aotearoa/New Zealand 1999-2008.

Drawing on research for the thesis, much of it unpublished, these talks will offer both a reassessment of Helen Clark’s Fifth Labour Government from the left and the socioeconomic context of that reassessment.

They will sketch out a rough narrative of New Zealand’s radical left since 1990 and give a loving, if incomplete, history to some of the major socialist groups of the era.

Most importantly, these talks will issue the call to the left to take up the project of working towards a people’s history of New Zealand.”
As usual CSS Events are open for any interested to attend, all ages friendly, and free. We continue to be extremely grateful to The Space Academy for hosting us this year and always being very accommodating.

If you would like to read Tyler’s thesis it is available at The Ice Bloc (https://theicebloc.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/left-out-the-extra-parliamentary-left-in-aotearoa-nz-from-1999-to-2008/). A selection of other excellent reflections on Socialism in New Zealand from the blog can be found here:
Is It Over?
Choosing to Forget
To Jettison the ‘Pragmatists’


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June 24, 2018 - 7:00 pm

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9:00 pm

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Space Academy

371 St. Asaph Street
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