The New Zealand Federation of Socialist Societies is a national body that enables the formal affiliation of branches and groups that have a common cause and purpose across New Zealand.


The name of the national body shall be “The New Zealand Federation of Socialist Societies”, and may also be referred to as “The Federation of Socialist Societies”, “NZFSS”, or “FSS”. The Common Seal shall be as below:


We exist to pursue the the following:

  • To coordinate activity and fraternal relations between like-minded groups and individuals at a national level.
  • To provide support and help to establish affiliate member organisations in centres wherever there is an interest and members willing to establish said organisations.

We take socialism to mean the political goal of bringing the working class to power at all levels of society in order to establish a system where production is organised rationally to meet human need, rather than for the accumulation of private wealth.


Affiliates to the Federation are primarily independent. The core function of the Federation is to centralise those resources that can not be easily shouldered by fledgling affiliate member organisations. While this situation persists, maintenance and distribution of core supplies of membership packs and similar items will be the responsibility of the Canterbury Socialist Society which will act as the central body. The Canterbury Socialist Society will also receive membership funds, in accordance with section IV. MEMBERSHIP.

If at any time an affiliate to the Federation wishes to take on the maintenance of their own membership packs and funds, seeding funds will be released by the Canterbury Socialist Society in accordance with the total membership of the affiliate member, at a rate equivalent to the amount of a full year’s membership for each member of the affiliate branch.


Affiliate membership to the Federation confers all rights and responsibilities to members as follows:

  • The right to request seed funding from the central body, in a situation where the affiliate member wishes to establish itself independently, as laid out in section III. STRUCTURE.
  • The right for representatives of the affiliate to attend and vote in joint sessions where decisions about the Federation as a whole are made.
  • The right for members of the affiliate to attend member meetings of other affiliates as observers.
  • The right to request financial records from the central body.

Individual membership of any affiliate will also contribute dues of thirty (30) dollars per year to either the central body which will be managed transparently and in accordance with this document, or to the affiliate membership itself in accordance with their own governing documents. Additionally, finances will be maintained so that if at any time any affiliate member wishes to establish itself with seeding funds, the payment can be made immediately. Individual members are to comply with the governing document of their own affiliated group, and be subject to its rules and expectations.

Individual members have the right to:

  • Participate in spaces associated with the Federation, both online and in person.
  • A membership pack of one (1) copy of “Wage Labour and Capital”, and one (1) enamel pin of the Federation’s seal.

Affiliate members of the Federation are expected to:

  • Manage their affairs in accordance with a governing document agreed upon by their own individual members.
  • Maintain their own social media.
  • Maintain their own mailing list.

Should any affiliate member bring the Federation into significant disrepute the Federation expects measures be taken to rectify the situation by the relevant affiliate. If no resolution is possible, expulsion from the Federation will be determined by a vote of every individual member of the society and require a 2/3rds majority.


In the event that an affiliate member disbands while still being under the wing of the central body, the disbursement of the equivalent of ‘seeding funds’ is to be decided by the disbanding branch and advised to the Federation. Any payment of funds to the disbanding affiliate member will be based on the number of members at the time of disbandment. Any affiliate that disbands having already begun managing their own finances and resources shall dispose of said finances and resources in accordance with their own governing document.


From time to time the Federation may need to have organisational meetings to adjust this document. Such meetings can be called by any affiliate, and shall be hosted online by video conference. Affiliates must be notified thirty (30) days before any such meeting is called. An agenda must be circulated by the affiliate calling the meeting no less than seven (7) days before the meeting.